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Dress for success. Image is very important. People judge you by the way you look on the outside ― Brian Tracy

I bet you have heard an expression “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” before. Today, when time has become a precious commodity, we judge people by their looks. Your outfit speaks volumes of you even when you yourself remain silent. It can either testify for you or against you. Your garments are so much more then simple clothing. They give you power to create an image, an impression. A way to tell the world the truth about yourself. Or maybe lie… Just a little bit. Now, tell me: what does your attire speak of you?

My name is Helen and I am a Personal Stylist. Fashion and style aren’t just my job, they are my passion and my love. It is as natural and as vital as breathing. Every day I give my clients a chance to be beautiful, confident, successful and happy. Needless to say that fruits of my labour do not just lie in a pile of garments. They are in the reflection in a mirror that makes you happy. They are in complements that you receive from your loved ones. They are in the pride your children take in you, for how beautiful you are. They are in admiring glances you receive.

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